You're Pregnant, Now Hit the Gym

September 8, 2015 11:00 AM

When you’re pregnant, your hormones are racing, you’re swamped with baby-related tasks, and you’re too tired to think straight. It might be the best time to go to the gym. Each pregnancy is unique, of course, so be sure to check with your Hackensack University Medical Group OB/GYN before starting a new exercise plan. In most cases, your doctor will agree that exercise is good for both you and baby.

Here are just a few reasons to keep exercising sensibly during your pregnancy:

  • Exercise helps improve your mood. Research shows that when you exercise, the increased activity triggers endorphins – natural chemicals that brighten your mood. Exercise for 30 minutes to get the full, feel-good benefit.
  • Exercise helps you manage your weight. Taking on too much weight while pregnant is unhealthy for both you and baby.
  • Exercise helps prevent complications. Moms who work out regularly tend to keep blood pressure and blood sugar under control with less chance of preeclampsia and gestational diabetes.

It’s easy to tell yourself you’re too tired or too busy to get to the gym, but by finding the motivation to go, you can reap the benefits later.

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