Vacation is the Best Medicine

June 11, 2015 08:30 AM
Vacation is the Best Medicine

Whether you’re headed to the Jersey Shore or the beaches of Tahiti, you’ll want to be prepared. Sunscreen is a “given” but there are other essentials to pack as well. If you take medications, count your doses to be sure you won’t need a renewal when you’re far from home. Don’t wait until the last minute in case your prescription plan makes you “jump through hoops” to get extra doses. Remember to put your meds into your carryon in case you go east and your checked luggage goes west. Assemble or buy a small first aid kit with a few items you’d need in a hurry such as burn gel, bandaids, and antimicrobial cream. There might not be a pharmacy on every corner at your destination.

If you’re vacationing in another country, consider travel medical insurance. For a small fee you’ll be covered for emergencies and for medical air transport home if you can’t fly commercial. If other countries are on your agenda, be sure your vaccinations are up to date. You may need boosters for common diseases such as measles or uncommon ones such as typhoid. Check with a travel medicine physician well before you leave. Some vaccinations take more than one dose or a period of time to become effective.

Wherever you travel this summer, stay safe and stop to smell the roses.


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