Tips for Pollen Allergy Season

March 20, 2016 01:00 PM

Do you feel it? Has it hit you yet? If you are currently suffering from itchy, scratchy eyes, sneezing, and sniffling, it might not be a “spring cold”. It might be pollen allergy. When late winter is warmer than expected, you can count on a strong pollen season because tree and flower buds have had plenty of agreeable weather to mature. The result is early and vigorous blooming which sends billions of pollen particles into the air we breathe. Amazingly, the blooming trees do not have to be in the general vicinity to cause a reaction in sensitive individuals. Trees blooming in southern states can send their pollen on weather systems headed our way.

Here are some tips to help you cope with the onslaught:

  1. When you head outside, wear sunglasses and a hat with a brim. The sunglasses will protect your eyes and the brim will deflect at least some of the pollen from your face and your nose.
  2. When gardening or working outdoors, wear a breathing mask. Change your clothes as soon as you get inside. Washing your hair will also keep pollen away from your face.
  3. Check the pollen count in your area daily. When pollen counts are high, plan on exercising indoors.
  4. If you have found an over-the-counter medication that works for you, don’t wait until you’re really miserable to start taking it. Consider eye drops and nose drops as well.

Could your symptoms be due to something other than pollen? Allergies can be tough to isolate on your own. Get advice and treatment from our Board-certified Allergy and Immunology specialist. For an appointment with Dr. Cindy Chang in Paramus, call: 201.986.1881.


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