Teens Need More Physical Activity

December 11, 2015 01:00 PM

Many studies have shown that moderate physical activity, done on a regular basis, benefits bone health, muscle tone, and prevents obesity as well as the development of chronic diseases. Regular physical activity also has a positive effect on brain development, academic achievement, and ability to concentrate. Studies also show that, in teens, most physical activity occurs at school but accounts for less than 5% of the time spent there.

This information calls for action on the part of parents to ensure that teens are active away from school and that our schools are doing all they can to maximize activity during the regular school day. Declining school budgets often lead to sacrifices in physical education classes during the school day, making after school activities even more important for teens.

The message is clear: as with every other age group, teens need to be physically active (60 minutes a day is recommended) to grow both healthy and smart.

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