Stand Tall and Stay Flexible

December 4, 2015 01:00 PM

There are 206 bones in the adult human body and joints occur wherever two bones connect. Together, bones and joints provide both strength and flexibility. Bones such as the femur (thigh bone) manufacture red and white blood cells. It’s in our best interest to keep bones strong and keep joints functioning well.

As we age, bones and joints need more care. Arthritis causes joint pain and stiffness which can lead to loss of mobility and quality of life. Osteoporosis (bone thinning) increases the risk of falling and bone fracture, but don’t assume that these demons of old age are inevitable. The best offense is a good defense – taking care of yourself is key to strong and vital aging. Keep moving even if arthritis slows you down. Studies have shown that weight bearing exercise keeps bones strong as it builds muscle. A good diet is also essential for healthy bones and joints.

Know where you stand. If you are age 65 or older, have a painless bone density test. Our Board-certified primary care physicians, rheumatologists, and geriatricians can assess the results and help you formulate a plan to stay strong. Treatment for osteoporosis can include diet modifications, an exercise regimen, and/or medication.

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