See Your Doctor When You Feel Fine

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Many people still believe that the job of a primary care provider is to treat you when you have an acute illness like the flu or a chronic condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure. And, that’s true. They’re good at diagnosing and treating what’s wrong with you. However, your primary care provider is so much more.

Regular visits, that is, once a year or so, can benefit even the healthiest among us. People with ongoing medical conditions often neglect regular checkups. A comprehensive medical exam that includes blood work can often detect disease with no overt symptoms. Early detection is often the key to the most complete and effective treatment.

Prepare for your periodic exam as you would for an important business appointment. Make notes about any changes in your own condition or those of close relatives. Early heart disease in a sibling, for example is a significant clue your healthcare provider will want to have. Add your questions to the list. Ask what screenings you’ll need in the near future. Ask about vaccinations to make sure you’re up to date.

In your periodic medical exam, you’ll discuss your health over the past year, but it’s really about the future – your future. Call: 855.386.HEAL (4325) to find a HackensackUMG primary care provider near you. 

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