Getting Ready for Parenthood


Parenthood begins when you make the decision to start a family. Here are some tips to be sure your mind and body are ready.

  1. Start eating a nutritious diet and exercising regularly. Cut down on caffeine and alcohol. It’s not too soon to start taking a prenatal vitamin and a folic acid supplement every day.
  2. Have a checkup from your primary care provider and your dentist. Take extra care of your oral health before and during pregnancy.
  3. Learn your body’s ovulation signals and consider trying an ovulation test kit.


Most important of all, choose an OB/GYN who supports the type of birth experience you’d like to have. Our OB/GYNs are skilled and experienced professionals who will treat you and your partner with respect and compassion throughout your pregnancy and delivery.


Call: 855.670.HEAL (4325) to find one of our OB/GYNs near where you live or work. 


Or to search for an OB/GYN click here: Find A Provider


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