Men Have Thyroids, Too

January 17, 2016 01:00 PM

Underactive Thyroid Symptoms

Women are much more likely to experience problems from an underactive thyroid but this condition, called hypothyroidism, can also occur in men. Symptoms in men can include a lowered sex drive, exhaustion, loss of muscle tone, or premature balding. Men often attribute these annoying problems to common signs of aging. However, they could actually indicate a hormone imbalance. For men who are just not feeling “on top of their game”, the first stop should be a doctor.

Hypothyroidism can be challenging to diagnose since both men and women sometimes feel symptoms of the condition, but blood test results are within the normal range. Explain all of your symptoms, even if they seem minor, to your doctor since understanding the complete picture is key to an accurate diagnosis and the right treatment for you. In addition to seeing your primary care provider, there are doctors who specialize in hormone imbalances including thyroid problems, adrenal, or pituitary issues.

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