Making Healthy Changes

August 31, 2016 12:00 PM

Maybe you’ve let the summer slip away without keeping all those promises you made to yourself. You know the ones: “I’m going to eat healthier…. And exercise more.” Those hot dogs on the boardwalk just looked too delicious. Or maybe it was those ‘smores at the campfire by the lake. The result was you gained more pounds than you had planned on.

As the sun sets earlier each night and as you get the kids organized to hit the books again, take time to plan for your own better health. Knowledge is power, so arm yourself with your current health numbers. A quick trip to your primary care provider for a checkup can disclose your weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol readings. Ask your provider what your goal numbers should be for each one.

Now comes the hard part – getting there. Don’t try and change everything at once and don’t deny yourself too many pleasures along the way. Unrealistic goals are rarely achieved, so start small.

TIP: work on one thing at a time e.g., focus on walking just a bit each day or eliminating one snack.
ANOTHER TIP: Have a buddy you report to who will be supportive of your endeavors and boost you when you slip. While tough at first, new routines become habit after a few weeks. Good Luck: the results are well worth the effort.


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