Flip Flops: Leave Them in Your Beach Bag

May 15, 2016 12:00 PM

What’s not to love about flip flops. They’re easy to wear, keep your feet cool, come in many colors and patterns, and cause foot injuries. What?? Yes, of the almost 200,000 people seen in Emergency Departments for shoe-related injuries, more than 25,000 were associated with flip flops. Most podiatrists have seen it all, from blisters, infections, bunions, hammertoe, painful arches, and more… all laid at the feet of flip flops.

Advising you to toss them out will fall on deaf ears – we know you love them. Here are a few tips for having a good relationship with your flip flops:

  1. Don’t buy the cheapest ones. Look for flip flops with arch support. Get a new pair when they start to wear. Don’t wait for them to fall apart on your feet.
  2. Don’t drive while wearing flip flops. Because they slip off easily, a shoe can get caught under a pedal or you take your eyes off the road searching for it on the floor.
  3. Keep your feet extra clean and moisturized when wearing flips flops. Don’t forget sunscreen on your feet and between your toes.

Flip flops have a noticeable effect on the way people walkshorter steps, more pressure on the heel and gripping with your toes can combine to alter your posture and walking gait. Don’t take our word for it. Watch people walk across the parking lot to the beach. The result of these posture changes can be pain in the feet, legs, and back.

Flip flops are a warm weather fashion that isn’t going away any time soon. Wear them, if you must, but wear them wisely.


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