Risk of Falling

We'll Help You Stand Strong

One minute you’re walking across the room and the next minute you’re flat on your back… or your hip. You’re sore but nothing’s broken – this time. It’s important to understand that falling is not a normal consequence of getting older but can be a result of balance problems, low bone strength, or even medication side effects.

If you’ve fallen recently or are worried about falling, see your HackensackUMG healthcare provider for next steps. Simple, painless tests can measure bone density, examine the condition of your feet, or assess your ability to keep your balance. Our healthcare providers can recommend orthotics, exercise, medications, or dietary changes to help keep you on your feet.


Measure your bone density: Steven M. Rosner, M.D.

Have a foot exam: Richard Goldstein D.P.M.

Get a balance test: William Cantor, M.D., FAAO-HNS

Many locations in Northern New Jersey and Rockland Count.

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