Dreaming of Palm Trees

February 2, 2015 04:18 PM
Are you dreaming of a vacation to warmer weather on a luxurious cruise? We’ve all had enough of winter’s short, dismal days and weekends when we hardly leave the house. The lounge chairs, pools, and sumptuous meals aboard ship beckon us.
However, nothing spoils the fun faster than getting a Norovirus on your cruise vacation. This highly contagious virus that causes vomiting, diarrhea, and a general feeling of awfulness is not confined to cruise ships. In fact, most cases of this “stomach bug” happen wherever people gather including hotels, water parks, and restaurants. Norovirus is associated more often with cruise ships because the cruise industry is obliged to report all cases. 
Symptoms appear quickly and last for 24-48 hours but victims can remain contagious for days. Your best defense is washing your hands with soap and water frequently. Use the germicidal hand cleaner wherever it is available onboard but particularly when entering clubs or restaurants and when re-boarding the ship after being in port. The Norovirus could have jumped onto your hands at that beachside cocktail bar and is now in a position to travel around its new home – your cruise ship. 
Before traveling, check in with your HackensackUMG healthcare provider. We offer travel vaccinations and are ready to discuss what to do if a travel-related illness strikes. We hope everyone is able to get some time off this winter to recharge your batteries and have some well-deserved rest.



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