Detective Work for Your Health

November 13, 2015 02:00 PM

When you visit your healthcare provider, whether it’s for a pain or a checkup, be prepared to participate in your own wellness. Your doctor or nurse practitioner is a bit like Sherlock Holmes or Miss Marple. He or she will piece together the clues: your symptoms, your screening and test results, the signs picked up during your exam, coupled with a large helping of skill and experience.

An accurate diagnosis often depends on you; on what you notice about the way your body’s working. Don’t dismiss a symptom or discomfort because you think It may not be related. Mention it anyway since a single finding could be the key to your healthcare provider’s discovery of the source of your problem. It helps to make a list of symptoms before your visit to the office so you don’t forget any.

Remember, even fatigue or lack of energy can have a medical cause, for example, a thyroid problem or an autoimmune condition. Your healthcare provider is ready to help you solve any medical mystery and get you the treatment you need or recommend a specialist, if appropriate.

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