Brain Health: Start Early and Stay Sharp

April 24, 2016 12:00 PM

We all want to stay sharp and avoid cognitive problems as we age. Doctors now know that the risk of developing brain health problems including Alzheimer’s and certain kinds of dementia can be reduced with simple, common sense measures. Cognitive impairment, that is, problems associated with thinking and memory has a much earlier onset than previously believed, taking as long as 20 years before becoming obvious. This recent finding indicates that everyone should start thinking about future brain health early in midlife.

Fortunately, studies show that taking action sooner brings good results. In a large research trial conducted in Finland, researchers showed that controlling blood pressure had a positive impact on preventing future development of brain impairment. Researchers coupled effective blood pressure control along with avoidance of other cardiovascular risk factors including tobacco use. Study subjects were also evaluated for a nutritious diet and regular exercise regimen. The results were clear: the people who took the best care of their overall health including blood pressure control fared better in brain health as they aged.

Don’t let your brain health and ability to think slip away. Make an appointment with one of our skilled, compassionate primary care providers to get yourself or a loved one on the right track. Call: 855.385.HEAL (4325) for an appointment.


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